Tania Fukuda, president

FEBRUARY — President’s Message

It’s already February – spring is coming to Hawaii! But first, Valentine’s Day and the season for love!

During this season when there is such a focus on relationships, I am reminded how important it is to honor our relationship with one’s self.

As professional women, we’re all striving for the perfect work-life fit. We must balance our schedules to allocate time to our career, our volunteer work, our family, our partners, our friends, our colleagues, and in the midst of all this we often forget about our own wants and needs.

And so, as I reflect on my wants and needs right now, as I deal with my life partner’s health issues, which consume me with worry about our future together, I want to carve out some space to acknowledge my own needs, and recognize the many blessings in my life.

I am so grateful for the friendships I’ve made through the Professional Women’s Network, and have felt overwhelmed with support and love. And I am also grateful for the friendships that are just now starting to blossom. Through PWN, I’ve discovered that friendship with other women is one of my most fundamental needs. As your President, I plan to ensure that we continue to be a supportive foundation for all of our members, and an example for all women.



Tania Fukuda