Charlie TeixeiraDear PWN Members,

As Thanksgiving 2021 falls on the Professional Women’s Network, I am offering a slightly different President’s message and offer a gratitude challenge for all of us, myself included.

Choose these three people and tell them — verbally or written — what you are specifically grateful for in them:

1) Person 1: someone you see the most (whether this is daily or weekly). This would be someone close to you. Sometimes we forget, or take for granted, or overlook telling those close to us something for which we’re grateful;

2) Person 2: someone you see in a business setting only, maybe monthly or quarterly. What is one quality you admire in him/her. What is one quality you’re grateful for?

3) Person 3: a stranger. Someone you meet in December 2021 who does something, says something that you’d like to acknowledge.

I’d love to hear about this “Challenge Accepted”.

Feel free to write me directly 🙂


With aloha,


Charlie Teixeira President