Tania Fukuda, president


In the past month the world has been turned upside down and every single person has been affected in different ways. Although I will not accept this as a new normal, I do feel that every organization, corporation, and individual must adapt to the recent changes in our daily activities, and fast. We must not simply wait until this is all over to be our best selves. And that holds true for PWN.  Even though we cannot meet in person, there is nothing stopping any of us from finding ways to continue deepening our connections and supporting one another’s businesses.

The PWN Board of Directors and I have come up with creative new ways to connect our members, including weekly Zoom Happy Hours and Zoom Lunch Breaks – completely free for our members! We’re also offering to feature each member in their very own Facebook Live video and also share it on our website – again completely free to members!

In all the craziness, we haven’t had the chance to celebrate the Professional Women’s Network anniversary in April. For 42 years our organization has provided a safe space for women to gather, build friendships, create mentorship relationships, support each other’s dreams, and simply connect with like-minded women.

I want to thank all of our PWN members who’ve already renewed their membership for this year (April 1 2020 – March 31, 2021), and want you to know that we’re dedicated to providing you with true value, both during this world crisis and thereafter. For those of you who haven’t yet renewed, please know that every renewal counts towards the continued existence of our organization. We are a
nonprofit and rely on membership dues to cover our administrative expenses. In true PWN fashion, let’s all come together to support one another and support PWN so that we may continue to thrive as an organization and women 42 years from now will learn from our experiences.




Tania Fukuda