Charlie Teixeira

Dear PWN Members,

While running this month in Kailua, I saw the Middle School had posted this affirmation: “You are Amazing: Remember That.”

While running this month in Kailua, I was listening to Hal Elrod’s “The Miracle Morning for Entrepreneurs.” (How many of you have a morning ritual?)  He posited a formula from which success can be derived. The formula: Focus x Faith x Effort. For example, during a given week, if you are 80% focused, you have an 80% belief in yourself, and you put in 80% effort, you would think that would equate to an 80% success rate. But , when you  multiple 80x80x80, you will get 51.2%. Meaning, with 80% focus, faith and effort, you only have a 51% chance of succeeding. Honestly, that was kind of depressing!

However, it did make me reflect on which part of the equation I could improve: Could I be more focused? Do I need to believe in myself more? Can I put in more effort?

While running this month in Kailua, I passed — for a second time — the Middle School sign: “You are Amazing: Remember That.”  Seems to me that faith in oneself and ability is far more significant and impactful than sheer focus or effort. What do you think?

With aloha,


Charlie Teixeira