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Aloha to everyone who is reading this,

Evelyn Stiefel, PWN President

Evelyn Stiefel, PWN President

I would like to invite you to join us in growing your professional business and network.

Professional Women’s Network meets once a month for a delicious luncheon and an engaging Guest Speaker.

We are Building Professional Relationships and Connecting Businesses in our ever-changing world. We would love for you to join us!

You can find our monthly luncheon information here on our website and you can email alohapwn@ and ask to be placed on our Event & Luncheon email list.

I look forward to seeing you there!


Evelyn Stiefel



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Charlie TeixeiraDear PWN Members,

“People who perform a random act of kindness tend to underestimate how much the recipient will appreciate it,” shared an article I recently read, which reminded me of why the Professional Women’s Network is a vital organization.

Our PWN members embody kindness and — far beyond the business networking element — share aloha through small acts: from delivering homemade meals to those temporarily incapacitated, to helping our featured presenters with tech support, to late night calls and texts to “check in” on one another.

I welcome you to come experience our community.

With aloha,


Charlie Teixeira President



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Charlie TeixeiraDear PWN Members,

I hope everyone has a safe and uplifting holiday season! I know it was good talking in person with a few of you at our Holiday Wine Tasting Fundraiser, and wanted to give a shout out to Jeannie Shaw, Evelyn Stiefel and Carol Williams for making that happen.

How many of us set New Year’s Resolutions?

One exercise, which I go back to each year, is reviewing our life in different segments:
Health – Business – Family/Friends – Leisure Time.

How would you “rank” how successful you’ve been in each of these areas?

Is there one of those “sides” that is more lacking?

I hope to see more of you in person in the New Year.


Much aloha,


Charlie Teixeira President



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Charlie TeixeiraDear PWN Members,

As Thanksgiving 2021 falls on the Professional Women’s Network, I am offering a slightly different President’s message and offer a gratitude challenge for all of us, myself included.

Choose these three people and tell them — verbally or written — what you are specifically grateful for in them:

1) Person 1: someone you see the most (whether this is daily or weekly). This would be someone close to you. Sometimes we forget, or take for granted, or overlook telling those close to us something for which we’re grateful;

2) Person 2: someone you see in a business setting only, maybe monthly or quarterly. What is one quality you admire in him/her. What is one quality you’re grateful for?

3) Person 3: a stranger. Someone you meet in December 2021 who does something, says something that you’d like to acknowledge.

I’d love to hear about this “Challenge Accepted”.

Feel free to write me directly 🙂


With aloha,


Charlie Teixeira President



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Charlie TeixeiraDear PWN Members,

Recently, someone on Facebook posed the question of whether sharing Acts of Kindness was boastful or whether it engendered more acts of kindness. The various responses were overwhelmingly in favor of posting kind acts. Even if a person was, in fact, boastful, perhaps that person needed a bit of kindness too, wrote one commenter.

While I believe that anonymous generosity is wonderful, I also am inspired hearing how people share aloha. For some, a phone call makes the world of difference; for others, homemade food can soothe the soul. I love hearing varied ways to share.

So as we enter November, the season of thankfulness and giving, please, let’s keep giving and inspiring others. Mahalo for listening.

With aloha,


Charlie Teixeira President


March 2nd Pau Hana

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On March 2, 2020, the Professional Women’s Network held a pau hana featuring vegetarian dishes prepared by Sheila Wrede with Wellness Becomes You. Sheila won a Professional Women’s Network Alex Memorial Scholarship last year and used it to study cooking with veggies at the Culinary Institute in Napa Valley.


FEBRUARY — President’s Message

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It’s already February – spring is coming to Hawaii! But first, Valentine’s Day and the season for love!

During this season when there is such a focus on relationships, I am reminded how important it is to honor our relationship with one’s self.

As professional women, we’re all striving for the perfect work-life fit. We must balance our schedules to allocate time to our career, our volunteer work, our family, our partners, our friends, our colleagues, and in the midst of all this we often forget about our own wants and needs.

And so, as I reflect on my wants and needs right now, as I deal with my life partner’s health issues, which consume me with worry about our future together, I want to carve out some space to acknowledge my own needs, and recognize the many blessings in my life.

I am so grateful for the friendships I’ve made through the Professional Women’s Network, and have felt overwhelmed with support and love. And I am also grateful for the friendships that are just now starting to blossom. Through PWN, I’ve discovered that friendship with other women is one of my most fundamental needs. As your President, I plan to ensure that we continue to be a supportive foundation for all of our members, and an example for all women.



Tania Fukuda


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