Charlie Teixeira

Aloha PWN Members,

February has gotten me to think about celebrating love & kindness; however, not only love and kindness towards others, but also towards ourselves.

Have you heard that we will talk more to ourselves than anyone else will? That says that our internal voices matter. What each of us thinks about one’s self matters. Perhaps, as women, we wear more hats, and thus have more areas in which to self-critique. I regret not spending more time…  I could have gotten more done…  I wish I would have said that differently/responded differently.

Of course, we are all looking to grow and learn from real, and perceived, mistakes. But far too often, we can learn to give ourselves more grace and think more of: I am doing my best, period.

I look forward to chatting more with each and every one of you, in the months ahead.

My aloha, 


Charlie Teixeira