Tania Fukuda, president


What does the future look like?

I remember when I first heard the words “new normal”. It was hard for me to accept that Covid-19 could transform our lives permanently. Now I realize, change is only natural, and more importantly, regardless of the circumstances, change is always how we grow.

So what does the future hold for the Professional Women’s Network as an organization and for its members? It is certainly a unique opportunity to grow as an organization! We have quickly adapted to virtual meetings and our online pau hana get-togethers. Now we can adopt virtual networking in order to further expand our reach to our Neighbor Islands. Finally, we can truly welcome and serve members from all over Hawaii!

Eventually, we will return to having in-person luncheons. When that happens, we can continue to connect virtually between meetings, which we now realize is instrumental in nurturing deeper relationships. We will also become more creative with our fundraisers, and we have a big surprise in store for August. Real relationships are the secret to successful networking – and Hawaii’s Professional Women’s Network is perfectly set up to continue to grow our circle, and yours, far into the future!




Tania Fukuda