Tania Fukuda, president


I want to start by thanking all our PWN members for their ongoing support during this challenging time. I am especially grateful for the PWN Board Members, who have stood strong and each contributed in their own way to adjust and create opportunities even during these crazy times, not to mention everyone who’s gone above and beyond to show support to fellow members. I am amazed at how we’ve all pulled together to make deeper connections and keep the PWN running strong!

Amber Ricci is our new Membership Director and has kept us connected via Facebook Live, and provided us with an opportunity to grow our “live” skills through tutorials and hands-on instructions. Joey Dicion, our Marketing and Social Media Director, has kept our Facebook Page up to date with events, even as those events become quite numerous! Charlie Teixeira, our Vice-President, has lined up SUPERSTAR speakers for our monthly zoom luncheons. Sheila Wrede, our Secretary, bravely volunteered as one of the very first Facebook Live hosts, twice! Audrey Hutton, Past-president Advisor, is one of our most active Board members attending every Zoom Happy Hour and Luncheon, not to mention her work with Carol Williams (Executive Director) and Michael Cobb (Fall Gala Director) to get us back to in-person events & luncheon as soon as is possible. Cynthia Carcano, our Hospitality Director, has worked tirelessly to welcome new members, even in this virtual reality. Jeannie Shaw, our Scholarships Director, has been a rock through a personal injury yet never missed a beat! And Tricia Drago, our Treasurer, keeps us in line to ensure we continue to provide the support our members expect for years to come!

The PWN has always been a very special organization that brings together networking and true connection, and what always made us special is now what makes us strong enough to not only get through the current world crisis, but to thrive during a crisis. I feel blessed & honored to be President during this extraordinary time.



Tania Fukuda