Charlie Teixeira

Aloha PWN Members,

A PWN member’s comment, during a recent pau hana, caught my ear (and I paraphrase):
We, as women, often get asked and take on more than we can comfortably handle.

The part of the comment that piqued my attention was the “getting asked” part. How often — at our various jobs or other associations of which we’re members — get asked (relative to our male counterparts) to take on mundane tasks. Moreover, women (not men) may often be the ones asking.

Imagine: What impact could you make in the world if you were “magically” freed from volunteer administrative work? It’s one thing if you truly enjoy a particular project, or have blocked off a certain amount of time for community service; but we know best if too many of these projects fall outside our passion or push-to-the-side other true callings.

So a couple of questions (for myself, too):
1) Whom are we asking to do mundane tasks?
2) How often can we simply say, “No”.

What if we — collectively — all had 10 extra hours per week?

Those are my musings this month. If you read our newsletters (which Carol volunteers to create and send out!), let us know your thoughts.

My aloha,


Charlie Teixeira