Tania Fukuda, president


March is National Women’s History Month!

In todays’ world where women are breaking through glass ceilings and taking on leadership roles, women continue to face financial burdens which are taboo to speak about. The wage gap has become a topic of the past, as though we are satisfied with 80 cents on the dollar! And, even though men have started to play a bigger role within family dynamics, the average married woman working fulltime still spends four hours more a week on household chores than does a single mother.

Another topic that is taboo to speak about is the burden of long-term care on women compared to men. Despite all the progress we’ve made, women are still as likely to outlive men as before; women continue to act as primary caregivers for spouses and aging parents; and women continue to quietly bear the devastating emotional and financial effects of such a reality.

Finally, as I write this, there is a retirement crisis amongst female baby boomers that is barely making the news! This generation of women opened doors for all of us. However, along the way, information on how to preserve power and dignity into the next phase of life was not readily available to these women, and now, highly educated and successful women are facing poverty in old age.

It’s time for a final push towards full equality. We must spread awareness and utilize women-focused strategies to set an example for the next generation. Our work is not done! We must lead the way to true empowerment and equality at all of life’s phases.





Tania Fukuda