Charlie TeixeiraDear PWN Members,

I learned a new word: Freudenfreude (from the amazing book “Atlas of the Heart” by Brené Brown).

First, the term is pronounced FROY-den-Froid. It means feeling joy for someone else’s success.

What a wonderful way to move through life and to try to embody as we walk into a space — like our Professional Women’s Network events.

Who among us has had personal or professional successes? What if we were to ask the next woman we meet: “what is something you’re proud of, recently?” Perhaps it’s being there for a family member who is going through a rough time; maybe it’s reaching a professional goal in sales; or perhaps, it’s a big one like landing a new dream job position or moving into your dream home. It would be lovely to celebrate one another’s successes.

So, here’s to more freudenfreude!

With aloha,


Charlie Teixeira President