Tania Fukuda, president

Pursuing gender equality despite Covid


2020 has obviously been a challenging year for everyone, and as a women’s organization we need to recognize that it has been especially challenging for women.

Job loss rates among women have been significantly higher than for men because women constitute a larger share of the industry sectors most affected by lockdowns, namely hospitality and food service, retail and wholesale, arts, recreation, and public administration.

What’s more, women carry the extra burden of unpaid work, namely childcare, caring for the elderly, cooking, and cleaning. Such unpaid work has increased as a result of Covid restrictions with children and elderly at home, and strained health services.

It is an unfortunate truth that female-dominated work has historically been undervalued by society as a whole, and often by other women in business, a sad truth even within the feminist movement. 

It is crucial that we not only recognize the gender inequalities in Covid policies, but also explore our own beliefs when it comes to the value of women’s work. We must stand strong with other women, regardless of what industry they work in, and especially stand with those who perform unpaid work vital to the survival of society.




Tania Fukuda